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Nihon is the Japanese word for 'Japan.' If you're looking for the kanji it's 日本.

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Q: What is the Japanese word for Nihon?
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Is Nihon a Japanese word?

Yes. Nihon (日本 ) means Japan.

What does Nihon Mean in japanese?

The word "Nihon" translated to English means Japan. When the Japanese people refer to their land, they say Nihon or Nippon (日本)Similarly, they don't call themselves Japanese, they say they are Nihonjin 日本人meaning 'Japan person'= Japanese---"Nihon" is Japanese for the word "Japan". In Japanese, one doesn't say "Japan", they say "Nihon".Nihon ni itta. (I went to Japan.)It's not, "Japan ni itta"

How did nihon become pronounced as japan in English?

Nihon(Nipon) or 日本 is the Japanese word for Japan

How do you write the word Nihon in Japanese?

It is written: 日本

Which is a Japanese word that refers to Japan?

日本 (nihon/nippon) means "Japan" in Japanese.

How say Japanese?

"nihon" : Japan (country)"nihon go" : Japanese Language

What is the Japanese word for Japan that means land of the rising sun?

The Japanese word for Japan is Nihon (styled Nippon). The name is written as two characters meaning "sun origin." 日本: Nihon--Japan

What is the Japanese word of are you a Japanese?

日本人ですか?(Nihon jin desu ka?)

What is japan often referred as?

"Japan" is not a word that exists in the Japanese language. The official Japanese word for Japan is, formally: Nippon-koku; informally: Nihon-koku. Usually "Nippon" will suffice. Many Japanese companies use "Nippon" in their names, such as Nippon Airlines and Nippon Oil.

What is the Japanese word for Japan?

Nihon or Nippon. Nihon is more modern. people will understand "japan" as well though.Japanese language is "nihongo"Nippon (pronounced nee-hon)

What do the Japanese call their nation?


How do you spell 'garden' in Japanese?

you spell garden in Japanese like this garden in Japanese=庭