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Q: What is the Scottish Gaelic for Scotland will be free one day?
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How do you day son in Scottish Gaelic?

Latha na màthraichean

How do you say of the day in Gaelic?

'Of the day' is an Lae in the Irish language.It's an Latha in (Scottish) Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic for 'day'?

Irish (Gaelic): lá Scottish Gaelic: lathaLá, pronounced like law.

What race are Scottish people?

Scottish people are predominantly of Celtic descent, with influences from Picts, Gaels, and Britons. Over time, there have been migrations and invasions that have contributed to the genetic makeup of the Scottish population.

What is the Gaelic for 'in the morning'?

Irish: ar maidin (Scottish) Gaelic: ?

How do you say half day in Irish Gaelic?

In Irish: leasdeirfiúr. In Scottish Gaelic: leas-phiuthar

What is the Scottish Gaelic for Happy St Andrews Day?

Latha Naomh Anndra sonadhut.

Was 'Scottish Equitable' established in Scotland?

"The Scottish Equitable was established in Edinburgh, Scottland. Scottish Equitable's headquarters office is located in Edinburgh, Scottland to this very day."

Where did the Gauls come from?

The Gaels are an ethno-linguistic group which originated in Ireland and subsequently spread to Scotland and the Isle of Man. They are speakers of the Goidelic (or Gaelic) languages - Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx.

In what country is Gaelic spoken?

=== === The Gaels arrived in Ireland, from Spain according to myths. They were the Celtic people of Ireland. They later conquered Scotland and the Isle of Man. People in those countries, especially in Ireland, would still consider themselves to be Gaels. They founded the Kingdom of Dál Riada (present day N. Ireland and NW Scotland). === === DNA research has indicated that there is truth to the Spanish origin: the Irish are genetically close to the the Basques. On the other hand, the findings of Santos Alonso et al indicate that there was no genetic link between Basques and Celtic populations beyond that provided by the Paleolithic ancestry common to European populations.

Name a holiday that starts with the letter BE?

Beltane was a Gaelic May Day holiday. It was observed in Ireland and Scotland.

How do you say 'good day' in Scottish Gaelic?

In Irish it's "laethanta sona"