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Germany = Alemania

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Q: What is the Spanish word for Germany?
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What are some words for Germany?

The German word for Germany is "Deutschland",The French word for Germany is "L'Allemagne",The Italian word for Germany is "Germania",The Spanish word for Germany is "Alemania",The Portuguese word for Germany is "Alemanha",The Dutch word for Germany is "Duitsland".

What is 'Germany' in Spanish?

In spanish Germany=Alemania

What is the spanish name for Germany?


What country is the city alemania?

There is no city named Alemania. "Alemania" is the Spanish word for Germany.

Is guitar a spanish word?

The spanish word for guitar is Guitarra. This English word came directly from the Spanish word, but it is not a Spanish word any more than the Spanish word is an Arabic word. "qutar" or a Greek word Chirara.

Is Germany a spanish speaking conutry?


How do you say 'Germany' in Spanish?


What is the English word for the spanish word itzel?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, there is no such word in spanish.

What is the spanish word for Wales?

The Spanish word for Wales is "Gales."

What is the word for leg in Spanish?

The word for leg in Spanish is "pierna."

The Spanish word for did?

The spanish word for did is hizo.

What is the Spanish for the word of?

"De" is the Spanish word for "of".