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Q: What is the ceeb for jmic or niu?
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What is the CEEB code for Kean University?

The CEEB Code for Kean University is : 002622

What is the CEEB Code for Malcolm X College?


What is CEEB code for New York University?


Miami Northwestern senior high CEEB code?


What does ceeb mean on facebook?

Cant Be Arsed / Cant be bothered

What is the Hawaiian translation of coconut?

coconut: niu, puʻupuʻu niu, punia, ʻōkaʻa.

North Miami Sr. high school CEEB code in Florida?

High School City State CEEB North Miami Senior High School North Miami FL 101235

How selective is niu?

niu is a baobao. what do u mean by how selevtive?

When was Niu Jingyi born?

Niu Jingyi was born in 1920.

When did Niu Jingyi die?

Niu Jingyi died in 1995.

When was Niu Huijun born?

Niu Huijun was born in 1969.

When was Nolen Niu born?

Nolen Niu was born in 1975.