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shengo was a Buddhist monk. he loved tahr

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Q: What is the character sketch of Shengo in the novel the lastling by Philip gross?
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What is the chracter sketch of shengo in the lastling by philip gross?

he was a old monk lives in the mountain.he was the master of tahr he was very sincere with tahr and loved him like his dad

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What is the character sketch of tahr in the novel the lastling by Philip gross?

Tahr in "The Lastling" by Philip Gross is portrayed as a resilient and independent character, symbolizing survival in the harsh Himalayan environment. Tahr is also depicted as a protector and provider for the protagonist, a young boy named Non, creating a strong bond between them. The tahr's presence in the novel underscores themes of connection to nature and the importance of living in harmony with the environment.

Character sketch of tahr in lastling?

athr is a twelve year old buddhist monk .he ahs bald head and lives in the himalayans amidst the mountain.he is totally dependant on shengo as he is his master and also the father figure to in the nopvel it is said ' My maste..i lost him.'

What is the chrachter sketch of tahr in the lastling?

Tahr is a 12 year old monk boy , disciple of Shengo . He has a shaved head like ( dick head ). He was curious to learn more about Shengo and wanted to learn how Shengo spent his life in Army . He lived with Shengo where people came to get blessings and enlightened so this way Tahr learned English because the people who came there were foreigners. He learnt many chants from Shengo which he used to calm down Yeh-Teh . He was very conservative as he wanted to prevent loss to nature , he wanted to protect Yeti and he diliked when rare species were eaten by The Ultimate Diners Clun

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