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Q: What is the class valedictorian the scholarship jacket?
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What is the rising action of the scholarship jacket?

The rising action of "The Scholarship Jacket" includes the main character, Martha, being at the top of her class and anticipating receiving the scholarship jacket, only to face disappointment when the decision is influenced by unfair circumstances. The conflict escalates as Martha learns more about the selection process and confronts the injustice.

How do you use the word valedictorian in a sentence?

The valedictorian of our graduating class gave an inspiring speech at the commencement ceremony.

How does the principal change by the end of the story in the Scholarship Jacket?

The principal in "The Scholarship Jacket" by Martha Salinas changes by the end of the story when he faces the truth about Marta deserving the scholarship jacket based on her academic achievements. Initially resistant due to social class bias, he ultimately acknowledges Marta's hard work and integrity, reflecting a shift in his perspective and values.

Can you put the word valedictorian in a sentence?

Susie was class valedictorian in her last year..

What is the protagonist and antagonist for the scholarship jacket?

The protagonist in "The Scholarship Jacket" is Martha, a hardworking and deserving student who has won the scholarship every year. The antagonist is the school board, specifically the superintendent, who changes the rules to prevent Martha from receiving the scholarship.

Is there simile in the scholarship jacket?

Yes, there is a simile in "The Scholarship Jacket." The simile is when Marta compares the jacket to a raggedy old coat her Uncle Jacinto used to wear.

The scholarship jacket The story of the scholarship jacket is told from the first person point of view?

Actually, "The Scholarship Jacket" is written in the third person point of view, not the first person. The narrator is an unidentified individual who observes and reports on the events surrounding the protagonist's experience with the scholarship jacket.

Was gene labled valedictorian in A Separate Peace?

No, Gene was not labeled valedictorian in A Separate Peace. The valedictorian of the graduating class at Devon School was Brinker Hadley.

Who is the narrator is The Scholarship Jacket?


Who is the narrator in the scholarship jacket?


What is under a valedictorian?

Under a valedictorian is a salutatorian, who is typically the student with the second highest academic performance in a graduating class.

What is the summary of the story the scholarship jacket?

Marta Salinas (Known as Marta at home or w/ family) is from a poor family and is a young child from a family of many, so her parents sent her to live with her grandparents so she could eat. She goes to aschool in Texas where in 8th grade you have the chance to receive a free jacket with green and gold fabric if you are valedictorian (top of the class) ever since your entrance into the school. Marta has had a very good average or GPA thing, and wants the jacket. She wants it because it is very special but then a girl who has a Board member of the school for a daddy might get the jacket...when Marta deserves it.