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Q: What is the contribution of the university to business and industry?
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Famous industrial engineer and their contribution to the business industry?

Tarek Musfer

What is the contribution of cement industry in the GDP of India?

The cement industry is one of the oldest sectors of business in India. It accounts for around 11 percent of the total GDP.

What are Mukesh Ambani's qualifications?

He is a Chemical Engineer from University Institute of Chemical Technology and pursued his Masters in Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Recently, the MS University of Baroda conferred a Honorary Doctorate on him for his contribution in the field of Indian Business.

What does Business Administration Degree mean?

A person who has earned a degree in Business Administration from a reputable university has learned how to operate a business and all the aspects of business & industry and economics.

How is it possible to get into the mortgage industry?

It is possible to get into the mortgage industry through special university training. Most people from the mortgage industry received degrees in business administration. Many successful members of the industry had internships while in school to get acquainted to the industry.

What type of civic activities is David Goode involved in?

member of the Business Advisory Committee of the Transportation Center at Northwestern University, Business Council, Business Roundtable, Coal Industry Advisory Board.

What contribution did Eli Manning make it to society?

Contribution to Ole Miss university

How automotive industry contribute to tourism?

tourism and automobile industry's contribution to tourism growth

What is the nature if business and industry?

In Business and Industry, if you work at Microsoft, then the nature of your business is software.

Contribution of industry to national economy?

The industry contributes to the national economy by creating things for consumption.

Contribution in the GDP of India from Tea industry?

The contribution in the GDP of India from the tea industry is quite proportionate. There are 1692 registered tea manufacturers and 2200 registered tea exporters.

When a industry or business has no competition?

A monopoly is an industry or business having no competition.