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Q: What is the effect of the setting in stray?
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What is the setting of Stray by Cynthia Rylant?

house febuary and the winter snow

Does the stray capacitance or the resistance of the monitor cable have the greater effect on the monitor's color?


What are the feature that effect the frequency response of an amplifier?

all reactive elements in the amplifier, including stray capacitances and inductances.

How gypsum effect the setting time of cement?

gypsum increase the setting time of cement.

What effect is created by opening the novel in the setting of The Scarlet Letter?

A mysterious effect

Effect of rural and urban setting on learning?

The effet of urban sttings is like of accadamic problems in a area. By joe

How does a setting effect a story?

The setting can effect the story in many ways. For example in the book "Milkweed" By Jerry Spinelli, the setting takes place in Warsaw during the holocaust. This brings out the main plot and theme of the story.

What is a sentence with the word stray?

Stray dogs often bark. stray luggage can have explosives in it.

What effect does the setting have in Matilda?

creepy yet funny

What effect did the geographic setting have on the Shang Dynasty?


What is the difference between capacitance and stray capacitance?

Capacitance is an ability to store an electric charge. "If we consider two same conductors as capacitor,the capacitance will be small even the conductors are close together for long time." this effect is called Stray Capacitance.

What is the stray capacitor?

Stray capacitance is undesired capacitance. Any electronic component (wires, resistors, etc.) has SOME capacitance; at high frequencies, this can become significant, becoming a problem for circuit design.