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Q: What is the greek word also food means immortal?
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What is tiropita?

greek food, means chesse pis

Sapa what does it mean in greek?

"Sapa" in Greek means "stone" or "pebble". It can also refer to the slang term for the Greek dish "Souvlaki", which is a popular street food.

What is the spring of immortality in roman and greek mythology?

There is no "spring" of immortality. It was often said, though, that one could become immortal by partaking int he food and drink of the gods: Nectar and Ambrosia.

What is nectar and ambrosia?

In Greek mythology, nectar is the drink of the gods that grants immortality, while ambrosia is the food of the gods that also imparts immortality. Both nectar and ambrosia are considered divine sustenance that bestow longevity and vitality upon those who consume them.

What does the word nostimos in greek mean?

"nostimo" means yummy, or delicious, usually referring to food

Why are brownies a Greek food?

Brownies are a greek food because the brownies came from the Greek.

Where does Gary rossington currently live?

In athens-greece,he loves greek food,philosophy and history.he also has ancient greek roots.

Does Baton Rouge LA have a Greek food restaurant?

Baton Rouge in LA does have Greek food restaurants. They are located within the area and specialise in professional Greek food and cuisine. Some also specialise in other world foods and even cafes which carry the same label.

How did the Greek gods food help the Greeks?

Ambrosia and Nectar are the sacred food of the Greek Gods. It is said to taste like the beholder's favorite food and was only eaten by the Gods and demi-Gods. It was made by the Goddesses Demeter(Goddess of the Fields) and her immortal daughter, Persephone(Goddess of Nature/Plants and Goddess of the Underworld, Hades' wife). If any mortals(humans) take it, they will burn up into nothing but a pile of ashes.

What are symbols for tantalus in Greek mythology?

Anything having to do with food. Also, Nectar and Ambrosia.

Hindi what Khari means?

In Hindi, "Khari" means salty or savory. It is often used to describe food that has a salty taste.

What affects Greek cooking?

The Greek food is the food that Jesus was eating.