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Q: What is the greek word for demon?
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Where did the term demon come from?

The word demon came from the words, daemon, dæmon, daimon from Greek: δαίμων daimōn, which is a supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit.

What is the name for demon slayer in greek?

The words "demon slayer" in Greek would be Δαίμονας φονιάς or Daimonas phonias

What does demon stands for?

Demon comes from the Greek "Daimon" meaning spirit.

What is the Greek origin for the word furor?

It comes from the furies who according to Greek myth were from the underworld ruled by Hades. The furies were evil demon-like creatures with wings.

How do you use the word demon in a sentence?

what the demon is that!

What is the hebrew word for demon?

Demon = shed (שד)

What is the roman word for demon?

In present-day Rome, the lingua franca is Italian, but in ancient Rome, there were many languages and dialects spoken, although Latin and Greek were the most commonplace (Greek being the language of the educated elite). It would be more appropriate to ask what era and class your speaker is in, in order to determine which language the appropriate word for "demon" (or similar) would be in.

What is a religious demon?

An invisible, wicked, spirit creature having superhuman powers. The common Greek word for demon (dai′mon) occurs only once in the Christian Greek Scriptures, in Matthew 8:31; elsewhere the word dai·mo′ni·on appears. Pneu′ma, the Greek word for "spirit," at times is applied to wicked spirits, or demons. (Mt 8:16) It also occurs qualified by terms such as "wicked," "unclean," "speechless," and "deaf."-Lu 7:21

Does a Greek demon have a head of a bull?

Only the Cretan Minotaur had.

How do you pronounce the Japanese word for 'demon'?

Akuma. it means devil or demon.

What is the latin word for sand demon?

In latin, the word sand is Harena or Arena, and demon is Daemon. so for sand demon one can presume that it would translate to Harenadaemon

Use the word demon in a sentence?

use the word demon in a sentence a very stupid sentence whoever wrote that this a better one the demon was locked up forever