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Spike Jones, 1968 vs VMI. Over 80 yards net. Close to 100 from where he kicked.

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Q: What is the longest punt at the university of Georgia?
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Who holds the record for longest punt in vanderbilt's history?

Ricky Anderson holds the record at Vanderbilt for the longest punt at 82 yards. This took place in 1984 in a football game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

What was the longest punt in super bowl 45?

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Who holds the longest punt in high school football in Ohio?

I was a punter for a team in Ohio in 1998 and my longest punt was 75 yards.

Who kicked the 63 yard punt?

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Who holds the record for the longest punt on the gators?

The record for the longest punt in Gators history is held by Shayne Edge, who booted a 70-yard punt against Rice in 1986.

Longest punt ever?

77 yds

What's the longest punt?

67 yards

What was the longest Punt Return in the Super Bowl?

111 yards

What is the longest hang time for a NFL punt?

8 seconds

What viking record for longest punt return?

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