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Q: What is the meaning of the spanish place palo seco?
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What does the Spanish word palo seco mean?

The Spanish phrase "palo seco" translates to "dry stick" or "bare stick" in English. It can also refer to a straight and smooth stick, with no leaves or branches.

What are 5 spanish places in Trinidad and there meanings?

Rio Claro Palo Seco La Brea San Fernando San Juan

A map of Trinidad showing spanish place?

The map of Trinidad has places that have Spanish names, but that only means that there is a Spanish influence in the country. One such place is the Port -of - Spain, which lies on the North West of the country's coastline.

What does the town arroyo seco translate into English?

arroyo seco means: dry creek in Spanish.

What is the opposite of seco in spanish?

mojado (wet, soaked)

What does el ceco mean in spanish?

"El ceco" is not a common phrase in Spanish. It does not have a specific meaning and may be a misspelling or a phrase from a particular dialect.

How do you say it's very dry in spanish?

esta bien seco

What are spanish words that start with the letter s?

Sabroso is a Spanish word that means tasty. Seco is a Spanish word that means dry.

What does the Spanish word seco mean?

dry (adjective) I dry/wipe dry (verb)

What is the word for to dry in spanish?

secadora de pelo

What does the abbreviation SECO refer to?

There are several meaning for SECO. Among them are State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, State Energy Conservation Office, Second Engine Cut Off, and Sector Emergency Control Officer.

When was the Arroyo Seco formed?

when was the arroyo seco formed?