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  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assisting
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Q: What is the names of medical courses in 1 year?
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Is there an online pharmacy school ?

Online Pharmacy courses are taken for about a year. There are numerous online pharmacy schools that you can enroll. Ultimate Medical Academy offers online pharmacy courses. You can visit their website at or contact them by phone at 1-888-205-2510 if you have inquiries.

Tell you about the networking courses?

i have done 1 year computer networking course from jetking. please tell me more standurd courses in networking.

What does it take to become a pediatrician?

Educational requirements include 4 years of college (including 2 yearlong courses in chemistry with lab, 1 year of biology coursework, 1 year of physics coursework), followed by 4 years of medical school, and 4 years of pediatrics residency training (hospital-based).

Which universities offer the best medical courses?

The #1 best medical university is of course Harvard. Stanford and Johns Hopkins come in at 2nd and 3rd for the best medical universities. Duke, Yale, and Columbia are also on the list.

What courses would you need to take to get into a pharmacy school?

1 year of English 1 year of Biology 1 year of General Chemistry 1 year of Organic Chemistry 1 year of Physics 1 semester of public speaking And a whole bunch of humanities! check out

What courses do you offer in cavite state university rosario branch?

*Business Courses Management *Computer Science & Mathematics Courses Computer Science & Mathematics Computer Engineering (1) Computer Science (1) Information Technology (1) Education Courses Education - all courses (2) Industrial & Technical Education Teachers (1) Secondary Education Teachers (1) Engineering Courses Engineering - all courses (2) Computer Engineering (1) Electrical Engineering (1) Professional & Technical Courses Courses Professional & Technical Courses - all courses (3) Computer Technology (1) Tourism & Hospitality Courses Hotel & Restaurant Management (2)

What is active and inactive medical files?

Active medical files are patients who have been seen in your office within the past year. Inactive medical files are people who have not been seen in your office for over 1 year.

When did the Air Force accept its first female medical technician?

year 1

What areas of vocational training school are completed within a year?

There are many vocational courses that can be completed in the course of a year. Depending on what you do they will range from 1-3 modules. These courses are along the lines of Electric engineering, construction, carpentry, health and social care, etc.

How long do palaeontology courses take?

Around 1 year to get over all the topics depending on what you want to learn :P

What is the average recidivism rate for architecture school?

Architecture courses suffer one of the worst recidivism or drop out rates of any subject in college excepting medical and dental courses. A UK study in 2005 found 1 in 10 did not make the second year of architectural courses. Anecdotal evidence on other websites suggests as many as 25% to 50% do no reach the end of the course. The primary reason appears to be an underestimation by the students as to the amount and complexity of the work required to complete the course.

Can you get into medical school without a Bachelors degree?

Usually no. Although the above answer may be right, technically there is a way to get into Med School without a BA. There are some medical schools that have programs with neighboring or connected universities in which students are accepted into medical school in their sophomore year. They then begin a different track than the typical liberal arts student. They basically take medical school courses along with their other courses needed. This program usually takes 6 years (in some cases 5) to complete. One such program exists between Rutgers University and UMDNJ in New Jersey. Yes you can. That is, the majority of US medical schools only require that you have completed 1 year inorganic chemistry, 1 year organic chemistry, 1 year biology, 1 year physics, 1 year math, and 1 year English in college, which is basically just your gen. ed. (There are some schools that outright require a bachelors-- for example, USUHS). However, though its not a requirement, all US medical schools are highly competitive, and have plenty of applicants with graduate degrees. The chances of getting in w/o even finishing undergrad are low. Foreign schools are different; in many countries, such as the UK, medicine schools accept direct admissions out of secondary school (they are 5-6 year undergraduate programs awarding a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery, an equivelant degree to the US M.D.)