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Valencia Community College
Orlando, Florida

  • Total undergrads: 39,008

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Q: What is the population of students in Valencia Community College?
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Are the dental services free at valencia college?

Valencia Community College does offer free dental hygiene services to the community. These procedures are performed by students. You can make an appointment by calling 407-582-1305.

Is Valencia in Orlando a university?

No. Valencia was a community college that now offers a select few (2 as of the time of this writting) 4 year degrees. It's now known as Valencia College and recently won the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. Source: I work there.

What is valencia community college federal tax identification number?

Valencia Community College's federal tax id number is 59-1216316. The federal tax id is normally found on tax documents such as the W9.

Where is the site for Valencia Atlas College located?

The site for Valencia Altas College is located in Orlando, Florida, United States. This college offers their students a chance to win scholarships and transfer to University of Montana.

What is Manor Community College's motto?

Manor Community College's motto is 'Students First'.

What is the best community college in Florida?

Valencia College is considered to be the best Community College in all of Florida. Their diverse programs and high graduation rates also make it one of the best in the USA.

What has the author Nicola G Smith written?

Nicola G. Smith has written: 'A study of the experiences of first quarter students at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Edmonds Community College, Community college students, Students, College student orientation, College dropouts, College environment

How do you reach Brevard Community College for an appointment?

Yes, Valencia Community College in Orlando fl. Daytona Community College, and also Brevard Community College. The University of Florida's dental school in Gainsville will provide services at greatly reduced rates. Call the school or check out their web site.

What is the motto of Owens Community College?

Owens Community College's motto is 'We believe in serving our students and our communities'.

What is the motto of West Shore Community College?

West Shore Community College's motto is 'Where students come first!'.

How many students are in a community college?


What has the author Janet Lieberman written?

Janet Lieberman has written: 'Transforming students' lives' -- subject(s): Community colleges, La Guardia Community College, Transfer students, Vassar College