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To instruct somebody

how to do something - put the powder in the bottle and half fill the bottle with water. Put the cap on the bottle and give it a shake to dissolve the powder. Then to up with water to 200mls.

when to do something - Please feed the cat every night around 5:00pm. In the morning he just has a bowl of milk no food.

how to assemble something - First screw the legs to the seat using screws A B C and D. Then screw the arms to the seat using the longer screws E F G and H.

and so on

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Q: What is the purpose for writing a set of instructions?
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Brevity in technical writing?

Brevity is very important in technical writing. Technical writing exists for one main purpose: to relate specific information and instructions.

What is the main purpose of technical writing?

The purpose of technical writing is to inform the reader of something. A technical writer needs to be able to write instructions, concepts, principles, and details in a clear, concise way.

What is step number 1 in writing instructions?

writing what your giving them instructions to do.

What is the purpose of a document about how to change a tire on a motor vehicle?

To inform

What is the purpose of a gene?

Genes are segments of DNA that act as instructions for building and maintaining an organism's cells and tissues. They determine traits such as eye color, height, and susceptibility to diseases. Genes are essential for the proper functioning and development of an organism.

A chip designed with a specific set of usable instructions?

A chip designed with a specific set of usable instructions is called an embedded processor. An embedded processor is a type of CPU chip that cannot be used in a system that is a general-purpose workstation, laptop or desktop computer.

Describe the general purpose of research writing?

what is the purpose of research writing

What is the original purpose of writing?

Maybe the original purpose was to record events or to keep records of possessions etc. But the ultimate purpose of writing is to communicate.

What is the best definition of technical writing?

Technical writing is a way to convey a set of instructions, directions for doing something, or an explanation of specifications with a technical aspect to it. An example would be a user manual or assembly directions.

What are the 3 purpose of the technical writing?

There are a few important purposes for Technical writing. This includes being able to write instructions, organizing data and to converse with others with information. Technical writing consists of being able to write clearly, concisely, accurately and in an organized manner.

What set of instructions tell the computer what to do?

A program is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. In the computer, those instructions are called opcodes and make up an instruction set.

Why is it important to establish a purpose for your writing and what advantages will that simple task give you in your writing?

A specific style will develop in your writing, which, if you have a purpose for writing, will connect better to the reader and fit the type of writing better. But if you are writing just to write as a brainstorming exercise, it is unnecessary. Establishing a purpose for your writing allows you to set specific, realistic goals based upon the writing, giving you a reason to write it. When you have a reason behind writing, more can go into it; it's more passionate, in a way, because you get more feeling, etc. into it, and it will fit the intended audience/reader/etc. better.