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To introduce what the Declaration itself intends to do (that is, justify the American overthrow of British rule).


It explains what the Declaration sets out to do - justify the overthrow of British rule.

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Q: What is the purpose of introduction?
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What is the purpose of the preamble?

The purpose was to guide others in life.The purpose of the preamble is to give a introduction to the us constitution.

What is purpose of preamble?

The purpose of preamble is to give an introduction of the US Constitution. :)

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What is the introduction to the constitution called and what year was it written?

The introduction to the Constitution is called the preamble. The purpose is to explain the function of the document. It was written in 1787.

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What is the purpose or introduction to the constitution?

The one sentence preamble grants nothing and forbids nothing, it only provides a rationale and introduction to the document itself.

What is the purpose of Jeffersons introduction the the Declaration of Independence?

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