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Here are some causes:

  • Lack of understanding of the importance of literacy and reading
  • Lack of suitable reading material, especially in poor areas of the world
  • Lack of motivation, or lack of a suitable "reward" for reading well (a good reward can be a good job, a high school diploma, or even a school prize)

Here are some of the many effects of poor reading:

  • unable to understand things like bills, contracts or directions that are needed for a job and at home
  • negative social image due to lack of skill
  • negative social image due to others' perception that a non-reading person must be unintelligent
  • unable to understand many common facts needed in life, such as basic knowledge of science, history, and social studies
  • unable to enjoy the pleasures of reading as an entertainment

It's hard to get teens off of cell phones, Video Games, television, and the computer. Find some good and relevant books and offer to read it with them. Set an example by reading yourself--it will give you something to talk about. Encourage a "no electronics" time periodically. Offer rewards--perhaps see a movie based on a novel; offer to take them and a friend to the movies (or rent movies based on books).
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failure of parents

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Q: What is the reasons why some high school graduates are unable to read?
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