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Q: What is the relationship between evaporation and reservoirs?
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Why do shallow reservoirs lose more by evaporation than deep reservoirs?

Shallow reservoirs have a higher surface area-to-volume ratio compared to deep reservoirs, causing more water to be exposed to the air and experience evaporation. This increased exposure to the air allows for more heat transfer from the surroundings to the water, leading to greater evaporation rates in shallow reservoirs.

What is the relationship between temperature and evaporation?

The higher the temp, the higher the evaporation rate.

What is the suitable hypothesis to investigate evaporation and determine the relationship between evaporation and inter molecular forces?

Evaporation occur when intermolecular forces weakened.

Is the relationship between salinity and evaporation Proportional or inversely proportional?

The relationship between salinity and evaporation is inversely proportional. As salinity increases, the rate of evaporation decreases because higher salinity makes it harder for water molecules to escape into the atmosphere. Conversely, lower salinity allows for faster evaporation rates.

What is the relationship between surface area and evaporation?

There is a direct relationship between surface area and evaporation rate. A larger surface area will lead to an increased rate of evaporation because more molecules are exposed to the air, allowing for more water to evaporate. Conversely, a smaller surface area will result in a slower rate of evaporation.

What is the relationship between evaporation and precipitation rates and salinity?

Evaporation increases salinity in bodies of water by leaving behind dissolved salts, while precipitation decreases salinity by diluting the water. Higher evaporation rates in a body of water can lead to increased salinity over time, while frequent precipitation events can help maintain or lower the salinity levels.

What has the author Joseph Henry Frenkiel written?

Joseph Henry Frenkiel has written: 'Evaporation reduction' -- subject(s): Evaporation control, Reservoirs, Research

What is the relationship between the hydrologic cycle and thermal energy?

Well, without the sun, witch is heat, the is no evaporation. Without evaporation there is no hydrologic cycle.

What is the relationship between surface area and rate of evaporation?

Evaporation is a process that takes place at the surface of a liquid, therefore the rate of evaporation is directly related to the surface area. Twice as much surface area will give you twice as much evaporation.

What has the author Alex M Sturrock written?

Alex M Sturrock has written: 'Instrumentation for measuring lake and reservoir evaporation by the energy-budget and mass-transfer methods' -- subject(s): Evaporation control, Evaporation (Meteorology), Reservoirs, Hydrological instruments

Which best explains the relationship between evaporation and temperature?

Evaporation is the process in which a liquid changes into a gas, and it is influenced by temperature. Higher temperatures increase the kinetic energy of molecules in the liquid, allowing more molecules to escape into the gas phase, thus increasing the rate of evaporation. Conversely, lower temperatures slow down the evaporation process.

What are some good science project titles about evaporation?

"The Effect of Temperature on Evaporation Rates" "Exploring Factors that Influence Evaporation" "Investigating the Relationship Between Surface Area and Evaporation"