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Q: What is the response for Mabrook?
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What do you say in Arabic to one who gets married?


Where to find kabsa in Los Angeles?

Mabrook makes the best kabsa...

This is in Arabic what does it mean in English halaaa alfff mabrook?

i love you baby - if you are referring to a female

Translate halaaa alfff mabrook from Arabic writing to English writing?

Halaaa alff mabrouk = Hello ... Congratulations. ( in English ).

How to say congratulations in Islam?

In Islam, you can say "Mabrook" to offer congratulations.

How do you say 'conradulations to your new baby' in Arabic?

Translation: Mabruk le-khatubatek (مبروك لخطوبتك) Note: This assumes that the engagement is a pre-marriage engagement. The translation would be different if "engagement" is a euphemism for a job or a position.

Happy new year in Syrian Arabic?

Happy New Year in Lebanese is Mabrook hal sina jdeeda.

What language is Naya Saal Mubarak Ho?

Urdu (or Hindi). Mubarak has its roots in Arabic word Mabrook thus making it more closer to Urdu than Hindi, but it is widely understood by speakers of both languages.

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