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to teach the students

so they can learn how to prepare for their adult life

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The teachers role in a classroom is to help you learn about the things you want to know, help you in anything.

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the role of the teacher

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Q: What is the role of teacher in classroom?
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What is the teacher role outside the classroom?

a teacher is your friend............

What is the possessive in the classroom that belongs to your teacher?

The possessive form for 'the classroom belonging to your teacher' is your teacher's classroom.

What is the difference between Direct and indirect guidance?

the teacher's role in the classroom as guidance counselor

What is classroom etiquette?

Classroom etiquette are rules that apply to a classroom that a teacher gives.

What has the author James Robert Geisler written?

James Robert Geisler has written: 'An analysis of the classroom teacher's role in determining the curriculum'

How do you apply for a classroom supervisor role if you are trained as a teacher without sounding over qualified?

degrade yourself.. become a burlesk dancer first.

Will smart class replace teachers in future?

No, Technology will never be able to replace the role of a teacher whether they are in front of the classroom or in front of a webcam

What are Classroom lectures Advantages?

The classroom lectures advantage is that the teacher which teaches can understand it

Why computer can replace teacher in classroom?

because it is just as smart as a teacher

What has the author Dominique Armand Seca written?

Dominique Armand Seca has written: 'The role of the supply teacher in new Brunswick' -- subject(s): Classroom management

What is a classroom humor?

Classroom humor is driving the teacher insane just a teeny bit.

How do you win naughty classroom?

Stuff up the whole classroom without the teacher knowing.