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Q: What is the setting of the book the fire within?
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What is the 6th book in the series of the fire within?

the 6th book in The Fire Within series is Fire World.:)

Who wrote the book 'The Fire Within'?

Chris d'Lacey wrote the book 'The Fire Within.'

What is the 4 book called for the 'Fire Within' series?

the fire within, ice fire, fire star and the fire eternal

Will there be a book 6 for the fire within series?

Book 6) Fire WorldBook 7) The Fire Ascending

What is the setting of the book forged by fire a book by Sharon Draper?

"Forged by Fire" by Sharon Draper is set in modern-day Cincinnati, Ohio. The story revolves around the life of Gerald and his troubled family dynamics, exploring themes of abuse, resilience, and redemption within this urban setting.

What is the last book of the fire within series?

Latest book is Fire World, The Last book is The Fire Ascending unless they make another in about 5 years

What book comes ater The Fire Within?

The next book is 1.Fire within 2. Ice Fire 3. Fire Star 4. Fire Eternal 5. Dark Fire Then i have no idea whats next im waiting for it though

What is the setting in the book FIRE STAR?

In Scrubbly, Waycresent Road and in The Artic in the Chamberlains

What is the social environment of the book the fire within?


What is the main setting in the book Catching Fire?

The main setting was probably the arena because most of the action occurred in the arena

What is the second book of the fire within series?

the second book is icefire then read firestar

What is the first book in the last dragon chronicles?

The Fire Within