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Q: What is the size of boarding pass?
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How big is a boarding pass?

its as big as a concert ticket, or a movie ticket.

Why does security scan your boarding pass?

They scan your boarding pass because, after 9/11, you cannot go through security to the gate area unless you have a boarding pass.

What if you lose your boarding pass?

If you lose your boarding pass you can normally go to the gate and have them check your name in the system. If you lose both your passport and boarding pass you're in trouble.

Why do you need a boarding pass?

A boarding pass proves that you have checked in for your flight, and gives you your gate and seat number onboard the aircraft

Does easyjet boarding pass have to be in coulor?


When does one get a Southwest airline boarding pass after purchasing their tickets?

When purchasing a South west airline ticket the boarding pass isn't available until the time of your flight. A passport is required at the time you check in at the airport and the boarding pass will be obtained.

Why do Titanic boarding passes say not wanted?

No Titanic boarding passes said "not wanted". That would be a contradiction-of-terms for a boarding pass.

What are the release dates for Dateline NBC - 1992 Boarding Pass?

Dateline NBC - 1992 Boarding Pass was released on: USA: 15 September 1997

What does zone 4 mean on your boarding pass?

Zone 4 on a boarding pass typically indicates the boarding group or sequence in which passengers will board the aircraft. Passengers in Zone 4 usually board towards the end of the boarding process, after passengers in earlier zones have already boarded.

Can you email ryanair boarding passes?

If you print a boarding pass as a PDF file then you can e-mail it to someone.

How do you print a boarding pass for aer lingus?

Aer Lingus will send you confirmation of your booking with a number. You can either use this information at the check-in desk to obtain your boarding pass. Alternatively, there are machines where you can usually print your boarding pass using your confirmation number, passport or credit card information.

If your printing a boarding pass does it have to be in coulor?

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