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Q: What is the spanish word for delete?
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What language does the word borrar come from?

"Borrar" is a spanish word that means to erase, delete, or destroy.

What does redactor mean in spanish?

The word is the same in English. To redact is to delete information in an article. The person who does this is the redactor.

The delete and keys on the keyboard will delete a word from PowerPoint?

Yes, the delete key can delete a word from powerpoint if the word you want deleted goes after the cursor or if you highlight the word, you can press the delete key instead of the backspace.

What is the root word for delete?

The root word for "delete" is "dele," which comes from the Latin word "delēre," meaning "to destroy."

How did the pope manage to delete the Spanish settlers?

I am not sure what you mean by "delete " the settlers. People are not deleted. Information is deleted.

We can delete text in MS Word by?

We can delete text in MS Word by using the delete button on the keyboard. You can also use the backspace or even the space bar button to delete unwanted text.

How do you delete the word about me on MySpace?

You cannot delete it, it's a default on myspace.

What is a descriptive sentence for the word delete?

Did You Delete the files off of the computer ?

How many phonemes are in the word delete?

There are five phonemes in the word "delete": /d/, /i/, /l/, /iː/, /t/.

How do you say why did you delete me in spanish?

"¿Por qué me eliminaste?"

Is guitar a spanish word?

The spanish word for guitar is Guitarra. This English word came directly from the Spanish word, but it is not a Spanish word any more than the Spanish word is an Arabic word. "qutar" or a Greek word Chirara.

What is the word obtained after unscrambling the word etleed?

The anagram is the word "delete."