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Apodo would be the best way to say "nickname" in Spanish.

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Q: What is the spanish word for nickname?
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What does nella mean in spanish?

Nella is not a Spanish word. Nela can be a nickname, for example for Marianela.

What does tino mean in spanish?

"Tino" is not a commonly used Spanish word so there is no direct translation. It could be a nickname or a proper noun.

What is the Spanish soccer slang for 'soccer nickname' for example soccer nickname for Torres is 'el ninjo'?

I think is looking for the word FutBol and not "Torre"

What does the name Delgadillo?

Delgadillo is a Spanish surname meaning "thin" or "slender." It is derived from the Spanish word "delgado," which translates to "thin" in English.

What is Spanish for Frankie?

"Frankie" in Spanish would be "Pancho." In English, "Frankie" is a nickname for "Francis." "Francis" in Spanish is "Francisco," and the nickname for that is "Pancho."

Why does Colorado have that nickname?

Colorado is a Spanish word for the color red. There's a lot of red dirt (sandstone) in Colorado.

Why did Colorado get Centennial State as its nickname?

from the spanish from the spanish

What does osito mean?

"Osito" is Spanish for "little bear." It is often used as a term of endearment or as a cute nickname for someone.

Is Sabo Spanish?

No, it is not. It is not registered in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spain. It could conceivably be a nickname or have some obscure colloquial use, but it is not a recognized Spanish word.

What does the nickname Pancho mean?

Translations of the Spanish word "pancho" include, but are not limited to: hotdog, brown, tranquil, and calm. As a Spanish masculine given name, it means "a plume" or "a tuft".

What is a Spanish nickname for 'boys'?

chicos :)

Is there a nickname for arturo in spanish?