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Q: What is the spanish word for paddle?
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How do you say paddle in spanish?


What word means to walk with bare feet in shallow water?

Paddle Wade

How do you spell ping pong paddle in spanish?

Raqueta de pimpón

What is the word when you play with a paddle tennis?

my nan

What is a sentence using the word paddle?

I paddled down the river.answ2. An old rhyme:-False friends are manyTrue friends are fewAlways paddle your own canoe.

What is the name of moving feet in the water?

Paddle is the word. There are 2 definitions of paddle, so he careful not to get it mixed up.

What is a compound word for paddle wood tag?

Some compound words for paddle, wood, and tag are:paddleboardpaddleboatpaddlecockpaddlefishpaddlewheelpaddlewoodtagalongtagendtaglinetagteamwoodbinewoodblockswoodshedwoodworkhardwoodHollywoodwildwoodwormwood

What is another 5 letter word for paddle?


What word for a light vehicle rowed by a paddle can coined from ocean?

The answer to this question , what is a light means of transportation rowed by a paddle?

What part of speech is paddled?

The word paddle can be either a noun or a verb. A paddle is an instrument that is used to move a boat. If using the device, we are said to paddle the boat. She grabbed the other paddle to help row the boat. [noun use] The two of them paddle the boat clear of the rocks. [verb use]

Is paddles a noun which one?

Yes, the word 'paddles' is the plural form of the noun 'paddle', a common, concrete noun; a word for a thing.The word 'paddles' is also the third person, singular, present of the verb to paddle.

What is the homonym for the word or?

The homonym for or is oar, as in a paddle to row a boat.