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You spelled it correctly. The word is happy.

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Q: What is the spelling of happy?
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How do you spell Happy Adventures?

That is the correct spelling of the phrase "happy adventures."

How do you spell happiness?

That is the correct spelling of 'happy' (joyous, or pleased).

The spelling of xited?

exited = went out Excited = happy.

How do you spell cheer?

That is the correct spelling of "cheering" (celebrating or encouraging).

How do you spell hapilly?

The spelling is "happily", the adverb form of happy.

What is the correct spelling of user name?

that's correct happy!

How do you spell esstatic?

The correct spelling is "ecstatic" (overjoyed, very happy).

How do you spell frolliking?

The spelling is frolicking (gamboling, happy or merry activity).

How can you make your bodfriend happy?

Perfect your spelling methodology, or explain the meaning of "bodfriend".

What level does lavinia evolves?

At this time, there is no such Pokemon...please check your spelling and I'll be happy to get back to you on it.

How do you write a happy new year letter to a doctor?

You could start... by spelling doctor correctly !

How do you say happy Diwali in Indian?

You can say it in these ways: Happy Dewali Happy Deepawali Dewali Ki Subh Kamniya.