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Q: What is the statement of belief that each Muslim must say in Arabic?
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Is salamalekum a Muslim word?

The word is Asalaam Alaikum and it is a Muslim word, Muslims use this word to greet each other and it means peace be upon you. Actually, the above answer is incorrect in the fact that "Muslim" isn't a language. As-salam Alaikoum is an Arabic word, but it is true that non-Arabic speakers who are Muslims say these words.

Why are there several different spellings for key Muslim words?

Most of these words are of Arabic origin and therefore each rendition in English has the different biases of the transliterator or translator. In Arabic the spelling of these terms is uniform and consistent.

How do you ask how are you in Muslim language?

the language of Qur'an (The Holy Book of Islam) is Arabic -------- to say "how are you" in Arabic language "kef halak?" to male or unknown sex or female "kef halek?" to female "kef halakom?" to a group ------------------ "kef halakonn?" to a group of females (not used these days) "kef halakoma" to a group of two person (not used these days) p.s. this is not the only way to say "how are you" in arabic, for example Egyptians use "Ezayak?" "Ezayek?" and "Ezayakom?" just like how are you and wat's up

The 5 duties of a Muslim and the Arabic name for each?

The five pillars of Islam are as follows:Declaration (of faith) - shahadaPrayer - salahCharity - zakatFasting - saumPilgrimage - Hajjsee the related question below for more information.

Why Arabs Cheek-kissing ritual is practiced?

Arabs do that Cause if they see some one they know that's arabic/Muslim they cheek kiss to say hello it is like shaking each others hands

What is a logical argument in which each statement is backed up by a statement that is accepted as true?

A logical argument in which each statement is backed up by a statement that is accepted as true is a proof.

How does Islam believe each person is born?

Every creature has been created in a state of belief in his Creator without preceding thought or education (called Fitrah in Arabic).No one dissuades from what is necessitated by his Fitrah (i.e. the belief in Allaah), except the one whose heart has been subjected to what averts it from its (natural course of) Fitrah, as the Prophet explained when he said:"Each child is born in a state of "Fitrah," but his parents make him a Jew or a Christian.[Related by Imaam al-Bukhaaree in his Saheeh, vol.8, pp.389-90, hadeeth # 597]So according to Islam and muslims, every child is born a Muslim in the sense that they have an innate belief in the existence of a supreme Being, a Creator, Allah.

What are row level and statement level triggers?

The FOR EACH ROW option determines whether the trigger is a row trigger or a statement trigger. If you specify FOR EACH ROW, then the trigger fires once for each row of the table that is affected by the triggering statement. The absence of the FOR EACH ROW option indicates that the trigger fires only once for each applicable statement, but not separately for each row affected by the statement.

Who is right Hindu or Muslim?

It is a matter of belief and free choice. You have to read in religions and discuss with people who are knowledgeable of each or both religions then you will know and decide by yourself. I can't reflect here my own opinion in order not to be accused as biased.

Why was each side so fervent in the belief that they were right?

Each side of what?

What percentage of Arabic countries speak Arabic?

All 22 Arabic League Countries have Arabic as an official language and almost the entire population of each of those countries speaks some dialect of Arabic with excepting immigrants from other areas of the world.

Is Nancy ajram husband muslim?

you cant be sure, maybe. But some people say: 'No. He's Christian. That's why they were married in Cyprus as it is illegal for a Christian and a Muslim to marry each other in Lebanon and Nancy is Muslim. '