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Novaliches High School is a learning institution that produces graduates who are economically self-sufficient, peace loving, emotionally, physically and mentally, healthy, morally upright, globally competitive and responsive to the demands of modern times. NHS MISSION


    - Equip the students with long life skills, and functional literary.

    - Instill moral values and promote physical and psychological state of health.

    - Provides avenues for continuous acquisition and training for have technology.

    - Continually provide opportunities for the discovery and development of talent.

    - Provide a child friendly environment for the students to have fun while learning.


    Moral leadership to attain excellence an a nurturing, caring, and loving learning environment.


    - Forward Ever!!!!!

    - Go for Excellence!!!!

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the school is committed toprovide quality basic education and alternative learning system to all learners and to develop their skills and talents through special programs offered by competent and committed teachers utilizing modern instructional facilities and functional ancillary services with the full support of thelocal, national and international stakeholders .

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the school envisions to harness the best of the Filipino youth through quality education embued with values and relevant academic and non-academic preparation in order to attain peace, justice and development for god, country and people.

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Q: What is the vision of davao city national high school?
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Davao City Special National High School is a school found in the Asia... Particularly at Davao, Philippines.It is a public school but is has special education... When you say speciall education, it gives education not only to normal students but also to blind, GLD and different special children... Even though it guves special education, it doesnt hinder the education for the normal student... .......=)

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