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Q: What is the word bat in spanish?
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How do you say to bat in spanish?

Batear= to batgolpear/volear con un bat = to bat

Which word contains all five vovels?

Murcielago. In spanish, it's a bat( the animal). Also, a model of Lamborghini.

What does mercilago mean?

It is spelled incorrectly. Word is the Spanish generic term for (Bat) I believe it is spelled murcielago but am not sure. Bat here refers to the flying mammal and not a club or baseball variety of bat! There is a sports car by this name.

How can you use the word bat as verb?

I use a BAT to play softball. When I was seven I dreamed of seeing a BAT. BAT is the homograph word.

How do you say bat in spanish?


Name an animal in spanish that uses all 5 vowels?

The Spanish word for "eel" is anguila, which contains all five vowels: a, e, i, o, u.

What is the Luhya word for the English word bat?

The Luhya word for the English word bat is "popo."

How do do you say My dog ate a bat in Spanish?

Do you mean a baseball bat? "Mi perro se comió un bate."If you mean the animal bat,"Mi perro se comió un murciélago."

What is a bat called in spanish?

el murciélago

Is a bat an abstract noun?

No, the word 'bat' is a concrete noun as a word for a winged mammal and as a word for a stout stick used to hit a ball; a word for a physical thing.

How many meanings for the word bat?

Bat as in the animal that lives in caves. And Bat as in a baseball bat. Hope I helped. :)

What is a Native American tribe with the word bat in it?

There is no Native American tribe with the word "bat" in it. However, the Choctaw tribe is known for having a word for bat in their language, which is "tashka kalo."