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Either "a spectrum" or "a light source" (usually), depending on exactly what you mean.

The "usually" is because there are some kinds of instruments called spectroscopes that use a different principle. One example would be a "mass spectroscope".

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Q: What is viewed through a spectroscope?
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When light given off by a simple burning substance is viewed through a spectroscope it would appear what color?

A spectroscope is a device for producing and recording spectra for examination. When light given off by a simple burning substance is viewed through a spectroscope, a certain color will appear.

When light gives off by a burning substance is viewed through a spectroscope it would appear as?

a continuous spectrum with all colors blending together.

Do you look through a spectroscope with your eyes?

yes you do i think

Why do astronomers look at stars through a spectroscope?

To learn what they are made of.

What wavelengths of light are indicated by the following scale readings observed through a hand spectroscope?

To determine the wavelengths of light indicated by scale readings observed through a hand spectroscope, refer to the calibration markings on the spectroscope. Each marking corresponds to a specific wavelength of light. By aligning the observed scale reading with the markings on the spectroscope, you can identify the wavelength of the light being observed.

What is viewed through a spectroscope and how does the instrument serve in identifying substances?

A spectroscope is used to view the unique spectrum of light emitted or absorbed by a substance. The instrument helps identify substances by analyzing the specific wavelengths of light absorbed or emitted, which are characteristic of different elements or compounds. By comparing the observed spectrum to known spectra, scientists can determine the composition of the substance being analyzed.

What is the plural of spectroscope?

The plural of spectroscope is spectroscopes.

What is the definition of spectroscopy?

The use of the spectroscope; investigations made with the spectroscope.

What is the purpose of using spectroscope?

to evaluate the effects on a beam of light when it is passed through certain substances.

Observing the sun's light through a spectroscope has indicated that the sun contains large amounts of?


What would be observed if the flame tests were viewed through a spectroscope?

When observing flame tests through a spectroscope, characteristic emission spectra of the elements present in the sample would be seen as discrete colored lines. Each element emits light at specific wavelengths, resulting in a unique spectral pattern that can be used to identify the elements present in the sample.

When was the spectroscope invented?

The spectroscope was invented in the early 19th century, around 1814-1815, by the German physicist Joseph von Fraunhofer. He designed the first practical spectroscope and made significant contributions to the field of spectroscopy.