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Your GPA, if you mostly get B's is about a 3.0 depending on what your school goes by, but normally, this is how it goes:

4.0= A

3.0= B

2.0= C

1.0= D

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Q: What is your GPA if you have mostly Bs?
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What is 2.260 GPA?

If you have a 2.76 GPA (grade point average), you probably have mostly Cs and low Bs in your classes. It's a good idea to try to bring it up to at least 3.0, which could be achieved with mostly Bs.

Whats's the GPA for 2.5?

A 2.5 would be an average of Bs and Cs. To determine your GPA, let A =4, B = 3, C =2, and D=1. Add up your grades and divide by the number of classes to give you an average (your GPA).

What letter grade is a 3.870 GPA?

A+ I question if you really have a 3.935 GPA if you are asking that...

What is the highest GPA you can get at Harvard?

The answer is a 4.37465 GPA. Mostly in English literature, pre-med, ore law.

How do you get a bachelors to go to law school with a GED?

Apply to a college that awards BS/BA degrees, or get an associates degree from a junior college ( maintain a high GPA) and then apply to a school that offers BS/BA degrees. Complete the requirements for a BS/BA, acquire a degree. (make sure to keep your GPA high) Take the LSAT( study/take a review course for this). Apply to law schools. Good luck.

How do i raise a 2.79 up to a 3.0 GPA?

You need to get some high Bs and As. The number will depend on the credit hours already taken.

What is my GPA if I have 12 As and 2 Bs?

Not all schools measure GPA the same, and if you have AP or honors classes your GPA will be weighted, but if these are all academic classes you should have a 3.0. A=4.0 and C=2.0. Add up all the numbers (4+4+2+2=12) and divide by the number of classes to get your final GPA.

What grades do you need to have a 3.0 GPA?

to get a 3.0 GPA you need too have all As, Bs and a high C

What are the odds of getting a ROTC scholarship?

your chances are to get A and just BS BUT MOSTLY As and be a good student

If my GPA is a 2.96 and you get 2 Bs this semester will it go up?

IT will only increase by a few points , most likely by .15 so it will end up as a 3.09

If you got 3 a's 3'bs and one c what is the GPA?

Different schools calculate these things differently. Where I went to school, this would have been a 3.3, a B+.

What does 2.72 GPA mean in term of grades?

A 2.72 GPA means that that person made mostly C's. Maybe a couple of B's and A's but the majority of their grades were C's.