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There are a multitude of gifts you can give besides case. Often, items for college such as computers, clothing and other supplies are given. Visit Bed Bath and Beyond's website for dorm room essentials.

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Q: What kind of graduation gifts can I give besides cash?
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Should you give money as gifts?

You can, but DON'T use cash!

What type of gifts do guests give a Pakistani couple at the Walima when the invitation says no boxed gifts?

It means they want cash.

What are some graduation gifts for a girl beginning with the letter O?

An Olive Garden gift card is a possible graduation gift. You also could give her OPI nail polish.

What are alternative engagement gifts to give instead of personalized champagne glasses?

There are many options to give a couple as an engagement gift besides personalized glasses. You can do money, which is one of the best gifts to get ever.

How do you give nick cash to a friend in Petpet Park?

easy. YOU CANT! you cant even give gifts to your friends on petpet park. sorry :(

What are some suitable gifts to give someone moving out of the country?

The best gifts are the ones that will be useful as soon as they land in the country. Prepaid credit cards, cash, and other monetary gifts are best as they are small and do not need to be shipped.

When does a parent give a graduation gift the day of graduation or at the graduation party?

at the graduation

What is the reason behind the custom that Indians give money gifts with one rupee added that is when they give a Cash gifts why it is either 101 or 501 or 1001 etc and not 100 or 500 or 1000?

adding 1 more ruppee adds to the blessing of whom there giving to

Can a parent give a monetary gift of 13000 cash to and adult child and deduct if from their gross income?

No deduction on your income tax return for gifts to anyone.

What kind of gifts do the Netherlands people give?

what kind of gifts to the give in the netherlands

What are Iatlian traditional gifts?

At Italian weddings, guests usually give cash gifts or presents that are from the bride and groom's wedding registry. For gifts that the bride and groom give, popular items are bombonierre such as mints or candies in a small bag, a framed picture of the couple, wine stoppers, a salt and pepper set and other small goodies that the guest will be able to use.

Why do you give gifts to each other at Christmas?

you give people gifts because the wise men gave gifts to Jesus