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Q: What oath did the three men swear in the pardoners tale?
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Who is the real traitors in The Pardoner's Tale?

witch character trait leads to the downfall of the three rioters in the pardoners tale?

Who is the real traitor in the pardoners tale?

The real traitor in the Pardoner's Tale is the youngest rioter who conspires with his companions to kill the other two for their gold but ends up being killed himself. This betrayal signifies the greed, deceit, and treachery that the Pardoner condemns in his tale.

What is a story with a hidden meaning?

the pardoners tale

Who were the rioters in the pardoners tale?

they are the protagonists in the story

What is a story with a hidden meaning called?

the pardoners tale

Which of these describes what happens in the tale the pardoners tell?

Three men set out to kill death, but end up killing each other instead.

Who is in the coffin in the pardoners tale?


What were the three rioters in the pardoners tale doing in the beginning?

The three rioters in "The Pardoner's Tale" were drinking in a tavern when they heard a funeral procession passing by. They asked who had died, and when they were told it was a mutual friend who had been killed by a thief, they decided to find and kill the thief.

What is the theme of The Pardoners Tale?

Is it more moral to admit one's faults or deny them?

Which sin is the Pardoner guilty of along with the three rioters in The Pardoners Tale?

The Pardoner is guilty of avarice (greed) along with the three rioters in "The Pardoner's Tale." They all exhibit sinful behavior such as deceit, drunkenness, and excessive desire for wealth, which leads to their downfall in the story.

What did the pardoner do in the pardoners tale?

Grow crops and tell people to go get gold in California

The Pardoners Tale is about?

"The Pardoner's Tale" is a story within Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" that follows a dishonest pardoner who preaches about the perils of greed and avarice. In the tale, three rioters set out to find and kill Death but end up betraying and killing each other. The story serves as a cautionary tale against greed, treachery, and the consequences of immoral behavior.