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Q: What percentage of prep school students have repeated a year?
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What percentage of students are taking SAT prep courses?

Of all high school students, the SAT prep courses are not commonly used. On average, only 18 percent of students take the courses.

Are you sure Agassi prep school is a tennis school and not a charter school?

IT IS actually a christian school (only for priavte students)

Do students at Confluence Prep Academy wear uniform?

Yes. All students in the school are required to wear uniforms.

What classes do high school students take?

High school students classes are: Math Biology Chemistry Science History Geometry Social Studies Algebra Literature77 K-Prep

Are prep school GPA's adjusted upward in the college admissions process to compensate for tough standards?

Many of the top colleges do know that some schools (prep schools and private schools) have tougher grading standards. If you're applying from a prep school, the college admissions office is likely to know more about your school than others and will likely compare your GPA to other prep school students from the same.

Statistically do college prep students get in to better colleges?

yes because in a college prep curriculum you get prepared for college. If u were in a tech based curriculum, that prepares you for going into a tech school, or learning a trade right out of high school

What percentage of New England Prep School hockey players will go on to play Division one college hockey?

At my school two years ago, 75% of the entire team had repeated a grade. It simply allows for the player and team to be bigger faster and stronger. But overall the number is lower, but if I had to give a percentage, I would say around 50%.

What is the largest high school in Chicago?

Lane Tech College Prep. +4,000 students and now, with a new Academic center adding about 90-100 extra students.

Is prep for prep a boarding school?

Prep for Prep is a leadership development program that identifies, prepares, places, and supports the most promising students of color from New York City in independent (private) schools. After intense preparation, about one third of its students are placed boarding schools and two-thirds attend independent day schools in New York. Visit to learn more.

how/where can i find money for my son to attend military prep high school ?

Your best bet would be to apply for a scholarship directly from the military prep school itself. Administrators of prep schools understand that not all families can shoulder the full burden of tuition, so they are likely to have programs in place for deserving students who qualify.

When was Toronto Prep School created?

Toronto Prep School was created in 2009.

When was Copthorne Prep School created?

Copthorne Prep School was created in 1902.