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Q: What question do you ask if you want to inquire your principals health in spanish?
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A sentence with the word inquire in it?

Martin wanted to inquire about Janice's health, but he knew the news could only be sad.

Who is responsible for health and safety for teachers?

Teachers are responsible for their own health and safety, as are their administrations (Principals, Superintendents etc.)

What is the vise presidents job?

To inquire daily about the health of the President.

Where can I get student health insurance?

you should be able to inquire about student health insurance from student services you could even contact government services and inquire there, sometimes you can find information like this from your doctors office

Name of Health in Spanish?

Salud is the word for health in Spanish.

How do you use inquiry as a verb in a sentence?

You can use "inquiry" as a verb by saying: "She will inquire about the availability of the product." This shows an action of asking or seeking information through an inquiry process.

Where can I inquire anything about natural health schools?

The Natural Health Perspective is about natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.

What is health mean in spanish?

health in spanish is "Salud", estar saludable (be healthy)

Where can I find information about the IT band and pregnancy?

Inquire your local board of health. It is crucial to know, as it may result in complications down the road. There are medications and exercises to help, inquire for more information from your doctor/pharmacist.

Where do you get a license?

The easiest thing to do would be to call your local health board and inquire with them. The steps are different in each state.

What's affordable health care for singles?

There are options for affordable health screening available to you. Contacting your local hospital or department of health to inquire about free or low cost clinics in your area is the best route.

What is the branch of psychology that studies how behavioral principals can be used to prevent illness and promote health?

Health psychology is the branch of psychology that studies how behavioral principles can be used to prevent illness and promote health. It focuses on the ways in which psychological factors can influence physical health outcomes.