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Minor characters are basically color - they provide interactions with the main characters and cause things to happen that are needed, but their role can be played by any minor character, so they're pretty much interchangeable.

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Minor characters serve many functions. They may provide information the main characters need. They may provide background color and setting. They may assist the main characters. They may even provide comic relief.

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Q: What role do minor characters play in a piece of literature?
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What is the role of minor characters in a play?

it depends on the play. in some the minor characters play a very brief role in keeping the plot going, but sokmtimes that minor characters cause the entire plot to happen. they can reveal traits about the major or other minor characters. this is a super broad question, and the answer is equally so. depending on the play they can really affect any aspect(s) of it to any degree.

The play Rosencrantz is based on which minor characters from which shakespeare play?

They are minor characters from the play, Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The two characters are Hamlet's friends that are represented as being rather dumb and more or less play the role of comic relief within the play.

Who are The minor characters on the case of the case of mistaken identity?

I am doing this play for school, the minor characters are lily, the extras, rachel is pretty minor, william is kind of minor, and then of course the techies!

Who is the minor characters in TTYL?

Some minor characters in the novel "TTYL" by Lauren Myracle include Mac McCallister, Shann Walden, and Zachary Martin. These characters play supporting roles in the story, interacting with the main characters but not central to the plot.

Do female characters play a major or minor role in the action of work?

Female characters can play major roles in a work, serving as protagonists or essential characters driving the action forward. Their contributions can shape and influence the story's outcome significantly. Alternatively, they may play minor roles, acting more as supporting characters or having limited involvement in the main action of the work.

What is the minor characters schooled?

The minor characters are not as fully developed or focused on in the story compared to the main characters. They often serve a specific purpose or role in the plot, providing support, comic relief, or contrast to the main characters. While they may not have as much depth or detailed backstory, minor characters can still play a significant role in shaping the overall narrative.

Who are the 4 minor characters of The Chronicles of Narnia?

Some minor characters in The Chronicles of Narnia series are Mr. Tumnus, Ginarrbrik, Pattertwig, and Trumpkin. These characters play supporting roles throughout the series and contribute to the overall story in different ways.

Which term completes the following description characters are those who play less important roles in a story. These characters are part of the plot but they are not essential to the important?


The structure of the play 'the house of Bernarda Alba' by Lorca Garcia?

Lorca Garcia's "The House of Bernarda Alba" is a work of surrealist literature. One of the defining characteristics of surrealist literature is its disjointed structure. Characters within the play experience life differently, and characters age decades between acts.

Who are the minor characters from the book Emily Windsnap and the castle in the Mist?

Some minor characters from the book "Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist" include King Neal, Prince Jake, Linda, and Millie. These characters play a supporting role in Emily's journey throughout the story and interact with the main characters as the plot unfolds.

What are the minor characters in the story skins by Joseph bruchac?

Some minor characters in the story "Skins" by Joseph Bruchac include the landlady Mrs. Fine, Mr. Halloway, Estelle Brown, and Officer Delmore. These characters play supporting roles in the narrative and interact with the main characters to help move the story forward.

Who are the minor characters in The Destructors?

Some minor characters in "The Destructors" by Graham Greene include Mr. Thomas (homeowner), Mr. Blackie (leader of the gang), Mike (supportive of leadership), and Summers (a member of the gang). These characters play various roles in the story to highlight themes of destruction and rebellion.