What should you memorize?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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to study your lessons:

1. focus on what are you doing.

2. do not memorize but you should analyze.

3. have schedule what to do.

4. have faith on yourself that you can do it.

5. make summary of what you read .

6. do some question .

7. study word that you dont understand .

8. persistent and pray.

"good luck"

"trisha pauline" :)

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The best way to memorize a book is if you read it about 30 times and i would memorize each first and then i would tell the book to the world. You should memorize every book that way you will never have to read again. Thank you for your moral suppoprt on my answer. You can also memorize a book by looking at it.

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At my school we are given "homework diaries" which may sound ridiculous but are actually pretty useful. You write the subject, work, due date, and there is space to record reminders and targets for the week. Maybe you could invent your own one of these by using a spiral bound notebook or something similar.

Pack your homework in a bag as soon as it is set to you to avoid leaving it at school.

I LOVE THIS PERSON! You'll see that many answers in my category talk about assignment notebooks - here's your proof that they work, from an actual "kid!"

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Every person learns and remembers information in a different way. Try different techniques (flashcards, highlighting, rewriting your notes, etc.) and find what works best for you. It usually helps to take good notes during class and to review every day. If you review a little each day, you should be able to remember more when its time for your test.

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You should memorize whatever you want to, and whatever your teacher says you should.

Here are some things that most people memorize:

  • Facts, such as vocabulary definitions, scientific information, history, or geography
  • Mathematical calculations that you need for everyday life, such as multiplication tables
  • Speeches, poems, songs, or essays that they like (or their teacher assigns)
  • Telephone numbers and addresses
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Q: What should you memorize?
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what you do i repeatly do the dance and over time your mind should memorize it.

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Helping verbs are like will have has had and are used to make the verb more accurate. You should memorize them for tests, and for future times where your sentences need them.

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You are playing with your mind, not fingers. Your mind should memorize the tune and hand structures and your fingers should just do the rest for you.

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For a bet how much should you get paid to memorize all 44 presidents?


Should the declaration of independence be part of the school curriculum?

Students shouldn't have to memorize it, but they should know important facts about it.

Why is physics so hard?

because you should it from the basic,not just memorize the formulae and equations.

What is the past tense of memorize?

The past tense of memorize is memorized.

What is a sentence using the word memorize?

I have to memorize these lines for the play in a week. Memorize the scientific method for tomorrow. I memorize pi for fun in my free time.

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