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Q: What the most important for a school to have?
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What is the most important news for a school newspaper?

The Events in school The Announcement

What is the name of the most important school in England?

It all depends on what you find important about it. The most famous School in England is Eton College, it is where many of our Toffs are educated.

What are the characters most important feelings High school musical?

The characters most important feelings in High School Musical are their love for what they do and how they care about one another.

What is the most important issue in Texas?

...high school graduation?

What school did Picasso go to school?

Most important was the Art Academy in Barcelona.

What is the most important concept a student must learn in school?

Maybe the most important concept is probably bullying. :) -Michael B. ;)

What was the most important reason of the English Civil War?

the most important reason was that harris ashraf went to valentines high school

The most important function of the school in 1850 was seen as?

Moral indoctrination

What is the most important task to be accomplished by the school for the middle school age group?

To get good grades and to find your niche.

What is the most important intellectual accomplishment of the school-age child?

learning to read

What is the most important indicator of the quality of school education?

class room process

What are the four most important factors for you when selecting a school for your child?

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