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Q: What time does northfleet school for girls finish?
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What time did he start and finish school?

7.30am and finish 3pm

What time does japan school finish?

Japanese schools usually finish at or around 3:30.

What time do Chinese children finish school?

around 8

In ancient greek what time does school start and finish?

it starts at 3:00am and finish at 7:00pm:(

What time does school start and finish in Scotland?

In Scotland secondary schools start around 8.30am and finish around 3.30pm, that's what time my school starts and finishes at! Although it depends on the school. Its between 8.30-9.00am start and between 3.15-3.45pm finish. Hope this helped.

What is the motto of Langley Park School for Girls?

The motto of Langley Park School for Girls is 'Time is Short, Get to Work'.

What do you do after you get the girls in school after you ring the bell?

you dig where the girls were standing and the time capsule is there.

What time do German children finish school?

German children typically finish school between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. However, the exact time can vary depending on the school and type of program they are enrolled in.

When did school time start and finish?

8.00 to 2.30 i only a small boy

What time do they start and finish school in Cyprus?

7:30 - 1:35

What time do st teilos high school finish?

3:20 x

Did Cleopatra finish high school?

High schools did not exist in Cleopatra's time.