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Q: What type of degree is best to earn in photography?
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What type of collage degree do you have to earn to be a enviromental engineer?

you need a environment degree and and engineeringdegree

What type of Bachelor's degree can you earn in radiology?

The bachelor's degree is typically a bachelor's of science degree (BS) in radiology.

What type of degree was hughes expected to earn from Columbia university?


What type of degree was Langston Hughes expected to earn from Columbia?

Langston Hughes was expected to earn a degree in engineering from Columbia University.

What type of jobs can you get with the bachlors degree in arts and photography other than a photographer job?

nothing with kids

What type college can you earn your bachelor's degree in?

A 4 year college or University

The difference between community college and university?

There are a lot of differences but the main difference is the type of degree you can earn. You can earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree and usually a doctorate's degree at a university. I don't think you can earn a bachelor's degree at a Community College.

What is the best type of degree?


What type of collage degree do you have to earn on computer software engineer?

You don't actually need to be able to create collages. You need a college degree.

What is photography Advertising?

Advertising photography is just really taking pictures of advertisement. There are many types of photography,,, in adverting photography,sell photos or take photo by agency's requirement... if you are novices in photography then you can also earn money from photography... just flick simple photos by your own creativity and sell it to stock photography sites (e.g. and can earn good money and you also improve your skill by earing money

What type of long distance learning courses can be taken to earn a college degree?

Lots of long distance learning courses can be taken to earn a degree from college. These courses can be taken in many different subjects and still earn you the same level of education as other degrees.

What type of school should a student go to earn a bachelor's degree?

Any 4 year school.