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Q: What was he advice keith dad gave him on surving high school?
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Is this sentence correct I hope that you were sincere when you gave me the advice?

Yes, 'I hope that you were sincere when you gave me the advice.' is a correct sentence.

What is the error in the sentence He gave advice to my brother and I.?

The error is the use of "I" instead of "me." The correct wording should be "He gave advice to my brother and me."

What is the name Keith Urban gave to the guitar he donated?


What is the direct object in this sentence I gave her some advice?

The direct object is 'some advice'. That is the thing that you gave. The indirect object is 'her'. That is the person to whom you gave the thing. In this context it means 'to her', and indeed if you reversed the order of the direct and indirect objects that is what you would say: 'I gave some advice to her.'

How do you use the word advice in a sentence as a noun?

A noun is used in a sentence as the subject of a sentence or a cluase, and as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples: My advice is to save your money. The advice I gave him seemed to help. I gave him some advice. She didn't ask for my advice.

What was the best advice reggie gave Sampson?

What advice did Reggie offer Sampson

Who gave Elvis musical advice?

him self

What was the advice harry gave to the people?

'Horcruxes are evil.'

Was it Fred Flintstone that had the two characters that sat on his shoulder one that gave him good advice and one that gave him bad advice if so what were their names?

I don't think so.

Which peanut character gave advice?

Lucy Van Pelt would often give psychiatric advice .

Sentence with word advice?

An anonymous internet user gave some advice to a fellow user who was in need of it.

What was Athena's job as a goddess?

She gave advice to ruler and heroes.