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The Hebrew language has a very long and unique History. It originated longer than 12,000 years ago, and it is also the only language in human history ever to be revived into a modern spoken language.

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Q: What was so important about the Hebrew language?
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Why is the Hebrew language important to the Jewish people?

Hebrew is the ancestral language of Jews no different than Italian is the language of Italians, French is the language of the French, etc.

What language is ivreet?

Ivreet is the Hebrew word for the language known as Hebrew. It is a Semitic language that is the official language of Israel.

Why has the Hebrew language lasted so long?

For the same reason that Judaism has survived so long. It is dear to God. It is the language of the Hebrew Bible, and as such has always been studied by religious Jews, even in times when Hebrew was not used for mundane conversation.See also:More about Hebrew

Why is it important for a young Jewish boy to learn Hebrew?

It is important for both Jewish boys and Jewish girls to learn Hebrew. Hebrew is the language used for Jewish prayers and scriptures. Being able to read Hebrew will allow him to take part in Jewish prayer services. Modern Hebrew is the language used in Israel - which is the center of Jewish spiritual and cultural life.

Is there a language called Jewish?

No, some Jewish people speak Hebrew and/or Yiddish. It is important to note that the Yiddish word for Jewish is Yiddish, so the language is actually called "Jewish", but there is no language identified with the English word "Jewish".

What does trayneal mean in Hebrew?

"trayneal" is an invented word, so it has no meaning in any language, including Hebrew.

What country worships Hebrew?

Hebrew is not a religion, it's a language. The Hebrew language is spoken in Israel. Hebrew is considered a holy language by the Jewish people.

What is the Jewish word for one in deutronomy 6 4?

There is no such language as Jewish. Since you are talking about the Hebrew Bible, you are probably also asking about the Hebrew language. The Hebrew word for one is echad (אחד). The verse you cited is one of the most important verses in Judaism.

What is the role of education in Judaism?

Who knows the wont tell me the answer i am stuck. But i think that it has a big role. especially in the men the think that is very important. So that you can read the Hebrew language.

Which language originated first Hebrew or Greek?

Scholars have identified the origins of the Hebrew language as a dialect of Canaanite around 900 BCE. The Greek language of Homer's Epics existed long before 1000 BCE, so Greek is much older than Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew name for Carson?

There is no Hebrew name for Carson. In fact, it has an unknown meaning, so it cannot be translated into any language.

From what language does the Esther derived?

The book of Esther is derived from the Hebrew language.