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Q: What was the percent of the US with a college education in the 1880?
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What level of US college education is equivalent to receiving a US Patent?

There is no correlation whatsoever between formal education and patent approval.

What percent of US citizens attend college?

Some College 27% BA or greater 28%

What percentage of US families have two parents with college degrees?

Approximately 35% of US families have two parents with college degrees.

How many US students attend college?

Nowadays, about 60 percent of kids go to some type of college.

In 1880 only 10 percent of the population worked on farms in the US?

Yes, that's correct. In 1880, about 10% of the US population worked on farms. This shift away from agricultural work was part of a larger trend toward industrialization and urbanization during that time period.

Who was president of US in 1821 and 1880?

James Monroe was the president of US in 1821. Rutherford B. Hayes was the president of US in 1880.

Is education necessary for politicians?

Actually there is no education qualification. Many of our presidents were not college grads and many did not serve in the military. The only qualifications are that you have to be 35 years old, be born in the US, and 14 years resident of the US ( Article II Executive Department constitution of the US. Item #4)

When did us start war?

In 1880

Can a college educated Canadian receive a work visa in the US through a job that is unrelated to her college education?

this is terrible but i'd like to bump this question to hopefully get an answer

What is an accurate description of the prevalence of college education in the US?

Among adults twenty-five years of age and older, roughly one in four is a college graduate

What percent of the US GDP is spent on education?

97% of the people in the US have had formal education. While this is a very high figure, the functionally illiterate are still an ongoing problem in the country. The definition of education varies, so the exact answer is indeterminate.

Was there still slavery in 1880 in the US?