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Q: What will be the cut off mark for tancet ME you to join in Anna university?
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What is first mark in tancet ME 2012?

i have got 82.93 ME (EEE) .... can i get a seat in anna university?

Minimum cut-off mark in tancet for mtech to get seat in Anna university for sc student?

i am a sc student i want 2011 me admission annauniversity tancet cut off mark

What mark in tancet is needed to join mca in cit coimbatore?

i got 25

How much mark required in diploma to join aeronautical engineering in Anna university?


My mark is 25 what is my ranking in tancet?

approximately u comes near to 18000 rank for M.E/M.Tech. Anna university released the Unofficial Rank list for M.E/M.Tech/MBA.. source:

Minimum mark for MBA in tancet?

my mark is 021.600 in tancet exam for mba it is a pass mark or fail mark plz answer me immediately

What is the first mark in tancet MBA 2010?

I found it to be 59...

What is the pass mark for final semester Anna university chennai?

45 is the pass mark for all the semester in anna university

How calculation mark of tancet?


What is the highest mark 4 tancet MBA?

whats the tancet highest marks for MBA in 2008

What is the second mark in tancet mca 2010?

TANCET MCA 2010First mark - 61.75 (Reg No: 12194063)Second mark - 60.25 (Reg No:12114060)Third mark - 60.00 (Reg No: 11342078)

What was the first mark in ME tancet 2012?