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Kurayami no naka de kieru

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Q: What word means to disappear in darkness?
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What made the darkness disappear?

the sun

What 4 letter word means to disappear?


What does the prefix dis mean in the word disappear?

It means not. example: disappear, not appear

What rhymes with darkness but means perish?

there is no such word.

What is disappear prefix?


What does the word really means?

Disappear means to hide away from one's vision or sight.

What does the word really disappear means?

"Really disappear" means that something vanishes or ceases to exist in a genuine or actual way, without the possibility of returning or being found.

What is an 8 letter word that means completely dark?


What word ends with ish means to go out of sight?


What is the word that means afraid of darkness?

Fear of the dark is called nyctophobia.

German word for darkness?

"Dunkelheit"is the word you are looking for.

After you beated diaga in Pokemon explorers of darkness what do you do?

You disappear and you reappear at the beach