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zebras are cool

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Q: What would be a good thesis statement about zebras in captivity?
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What wouldbe a good thesis about zebras?

a good thesis statement would be something like : Zebras, though black and white,, have much more majestical mysteries and uniqueness than what it might seem from just looking on the outside (then list your reasons

Can you write a question in the thesis statement?

Can using technology enhance student learning outcomes in the classroom?

What would be a thesis statement about a Thanatos?

The thesis statement says what the author or authors are trying to prove in the document about 'a Thanatos'.

Do you indent a thesis statement?

A thesis statement may be indented, especially if it is being used in a paragraph. The thesis statement would be indented if it is the beginning of the paragraph, but if the paragraph is already begun before the statement is introduced, do not indent in the middle of the paragraph.

Is a thesis statement just a statement that loosely says the paper's topic is?

No, a thesis statement and the statement of a paper's topic is not the same thing. A thesis statement has to state the thesis or argument that you as the writer are making in the paper. So, the thesis statement has to tell your reader what you are trying to argue or prove in your paper. To take a very simple example, if you have a paper and the topic of that paper is: What is the colour of the sky? your thesis statement would be "The colour of the sky is blue" because that would most likely be the argument you are going to make in your paper in response to the topic of the paper.

What comes after a thesis statement?

After a thesis statement, the essay would typically include supporting paragraphs that provide evidence and reasoning to support the main argument presented in the thesis. These paragraphs help to develop and expand upon the thesis statement to convince the reader of its validity.

What is the thesis statement of this essay?

I'm happy to help! Please provide the essay or the specific topic you would like assistance with so I can identify the thesis statement for you.

What would be a good thesis statement for Daedalus and icarus?


Is this a good or bad thesis statement?

I would need to see the thesis statement in order to determine if it is good or bad.

How do you write a thesis statement about Etta James?

In order to write a thesis statement about Etta James one would choose a narrow topic regarding James and use it to create a thesis. Etta James sang the blues would be a good thesis to discuss her genre and songs she sang.

When is it ok to change your thesis statement?

You should generally never change your thesis, as this would promote confusion with the reader.

Which would be the best thesis for a cause-effect essay?

Your thesis statement depends on what your essay is about-- you'll have to do your own assignment on this.