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Q: What would technology be like without lasers?
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What would the world be like without technology?

like the would will be useless

What would the world be like without science?

we wouldn't have things like technology

What is the effect if there's no science and technology?

Without science or technology, we would be much more like the cave men of ancient times. Not much fun.

Small speech on science and technology?

We have all become so dependent that a life without science and technology would seem more like a nightmare.

How would you write technology in a sentence?

I like technology.

What would a world without minerals be like?

A world without minerals would lack essential elements for building materials, technology, and even biological processes. We would not have resources like iron for construction, lithium for batteries, or calcium for bones. Overall, human development and progress would be severely limited without the presence of minerals.

What are the contribution of physics to technology?

Physics has greatly contributed to technology by providing the theoretical framework and principles that underpin many technological advancements. For example, knowledge of electromagnetism has led to the development of electronics and telecommunications devices. Understanding of thermodynamics has enabled the design of efficient engines and refrigeration systems. Additionally, quantum mechanics has paved the way for applications in computing, lasers, and medical imaging.

Cats like lasers but do dogs like laser toys?

Just like the cats like the lasers toys there are some dogs that also like the laser toys as well.

What is the biggest part of the technology was made?

The biggest part of technology that was made is the computers.. without them there won't be good technology like today..

How would humans lives and our perseptions of the universe be different without space-based technology and exploration?

we`d live like cave men

Can human technology challenge nature?

It certainly cannot as our technology is based on resources of nature and without could not exist, like fire can not burn without a fule.

What devices incorporate lasers?

Devices such as laser pointers, laser printers, barcode scanners, optical disc drives, and some medical instruments incorporate lasers for various uses like aiming, printing, scanning, reading, and surgery. Laser technology is also used in devices like rangefinders, fiber optic communication systems, and holographic displays.