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Q: What year were SChools in SC intergrated?
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What year was Georgia schools intergrated?


Did SC improve education by adding a 12th grade and making year round schools?


In what year was the intergrated circuit developed?

in what year was the integrated circuit developed?

Why should schools not integrate their sports teams?

Because if it gets intergrated, the white kids wouldnt get a game.

Who was John Earl Reese?

he was involved in the civil rights movement and died because he was fighting for better/intergrated black schools.

Where are some schools for welding?

Welding training in Charleston, SC

How often are Horry County Schools in SC are closed due to snow?

How often school are closed in a certain area depends on how many days the weather is bad, and that varies from year to year. To find out how many days schools were closed due to snow in a certain year, call the district's office.

What problems did john f Kennedy have while running for president?

One would be the contrverse over Black and Whites in the South and the joining of intergrated schools

What was a example of the of the progress of the civil rights movements?

One thing would be intergrated schools and the ability for mixed race marriages. Watch the movie Loving.

Where can I find driving school instructors in SC?

Driving instruction schools in South Carolina can be found at the following website I hope this helps. Good luck.

Can I Have a list of jobs for 14 year olds in Columbia sc?

List of jobs for 14 year olds in Columbia SC

What year did SC become a state?

In 1788