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Olmec features appear around 1400 BCE It is known that between 400 and 350 BCE, population in the eastern half of the Olmec heartland dropped precipitously, and the area would remain sparsely inhabited until the 19th century

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Q: When did the olmec civilization start and end?
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When did the olmec civilization begin and end?


What was the olmec civilization known for?

The Olmec civilization was well known for the colossal heads featured in their artwork. The Olmec civilization was the first major civilization in what is now Mexico.

What is the oldest know mesoamerican civilization?

the oldest civilization was the OLMEC (:

One of the earliest civilization to develop in theamericas was the?


What civilization was the oldest?

the Olmec civilization is the oldest

How might the Olmec civilizations have influenced later civilization in Mesoamerica?

The olmec civilization have influences civilizations in mesoamerica because the olmec formed the urban civilization in mesoamerica and they had impressive sculptures and buildings

How did the spanish attack the olmec?

The Spanish did not attack the Olmec civilization, as the Olmec civilization had already declined centuries before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the Americas. The Olmec civilization existed primarily in what is now Mexico from around 1400 BCE to 400 BCE.

What civilization is known as mother civilization of the Americas?

the Olmec

What best describes the relationship between the Olmec and Aztec civilizations?

The Olmec civilization preceded the Aztec civilization, with the Olmec society established in Mesoamerica around 1400 BCE. The Aztec civilization emerged later in the 14th century and eventually conquered territories that were once part of the Olmec civilization. While they are distinct civilizations, there is evidence to suggest that the Aztecs were influenced by the Olmec culture.

Who created the first urban civilization in MesoAmerica?

the Olmec civilization

Which civilization is considered a cultural hearth Aztec Inca Maya Olmec?


What makes Maya different from olmec?

Maya civilization was more advanced in technology, mathematics, and astronomy compared to the Olmec civilization. The Maya society was more hierarchical and organized, with city-states ruled by kings, while the Olmec civilization is known for their colossal stone heads and their influence on later Mesoamerican cultures. Additionally, the Maya had a fully developed writing system while the Olmec did not.