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Middle schools can have different start times and lunch times. Some middle schools might start at 9AM, others at 8:30AM, some closer to 8. I've seen lunch begin at 11:20. The school at work at right now has lunch at 12:10. Also, many schools have 2 lunch periods: 1 for half the school or 1 grade level and another lunch for the other half of the school or another grade level.

So there is no single answer. It varies greatly.

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No. The state tells the schools how many minutes, hours, days, and weeks in the school day, month and year. If schools don't meet this the school has to make up the lost time or days. They are very picky and even count the time between classes, and the number of seconds in the school day. So, with a longer lunch students would have to stay later in the day. A longer lunch period would also result in greater problems with staffing and some students would soon find themselves in trouble when they have nothing to do. The proper time would be 30- 45 minutes.

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Q: When does lunch break start in middle school?
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